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Video Talks

In September 2012, I set out to record a series of talks on the art of living skillfully.  These talks, or
Psych Spots, offer a practical guide to contentment.  They describe how to undo depression and anxiety, how to diminish anger, how to reclaim the self, how to achieve forgiveness, how to cultivate love, and how to maintain healthy relationships.  These principles form the essence of my approach to psychotherapy, yoga, and life.  In July 2013, I recorded a second series of brief talks on many of these same subjects.  These talks, or Psych Stops, offer a quick view of each subject and serve as introductions to the longer videos.  Hopefully, taken together, they will provide a road map to change, or at least a compass by which to navigate the terrain.

Psych StopsTM

Psych SpotsTM

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