Dr Raphael Gunner, Psychologist

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UCLA Medical School

During the 2009 - 2010 academic year, I taught in the Doctoring 2 Program at UCLA Medical School.  This program is designed to help second year med students learn to work skillfully with patients.  The program focuses as much on relationship as it does on diagnosis. 

In a typical class, an actor playing a patient arrives with a complicated problem.  Along with a retired pediatrician and a fourth year med student, I guided the class in taking a medical history, constructing a psychosocial profile, assessing the range of issues, developing a treatment plan, and writing up the case.  As the psychologist in the group, my primary role was to help the students think about their relationship with the patient.  What is the patient saying?  What is the patient thinking?  What is the patient feeling?  And how can the students engage with the patient as a whole rather than as a series of discrete medical puzzles? 

The program is transformative for teachers and students alike.  The teachers learn to foster emotional and intellectual intelligence, and the students learn to doctor with their hearts and their minds.  From every point of view it's a wonderful experience.


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