Dr Raphael Gunner, Psychologist

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I discovered yoga in 1992 and immediately fell deeply in love with the practice. I loved how it balanced the body, heart, and mind. I loved how it promoted flexibility and strength. And I loved how it offered a path to inner peace.

When it came time for me to write my dissertation in psychology I decided to combine my love of yoga and psychology.  I noticed that the relationship between yoga teachers and students resembled the relationship between psychotherapists and patients. But while psychology had lots to say about the therapeutic relationship, yoga had little to say about the teaching relationship. My dissertation looked at yoga through the lens of psychology. It became the basis for an article on the subject in Yoga Journal and workshops at Santa Monica Yoga and Yogaworks.

Though my study of yoga began with Kundalini, I soon moved to Hatha, and then to Astanga. I spent ten years studying with Chuck Miller at Yogaworks and taught classes at Santa Monica Yoga and at Yogatime in Beverly Hills. I currently teach private one-on-one sessions by appointment.


Psychology, Yoga, Meditation
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