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In July 2007, I began to write my thoughts on psychology, yoga, and business.  I posted them on a blog in the form of brief essays.  These essays capture some of the ways in which I think about life -- the types of challenges that arise and strategies to meet them.  Though I've stopped adding new posts to the blog for the moment, I invite you to browse and to share your reflections.  

A Good Relationship Redefined
Psychology of Yoga and Yoga of Psychology
Choice and Necessity in Life Truly Lived
From Loving Perfection to Perfecting Love
The Hard Work of Love
The Meaning of Love
The Challenge of Love
You are Not Your Yoga Posture
Further Reflections on Power vs Preference
Power vs Preference:  A Matter of Choice
Corporate Culture and the Rules of the Game
Rage in the Workplace:  A Matter of Helplessness
The Importance of Healthy Relationships in Business
What Are You Supposed to Talk About in Therapy?
Pain vs. Suffering:  A World of Difference
The Pain of Life and the Life of Pain
No Pain, No Gain?  No Gain With Pain!
Starting and Stopping Therapy
Addictions and Protections
The Goal of Therapy

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